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    Ladies and gentlemen,
    I’m Ismail Oleksiyovych, project director. I will devote my appeal in this article to the conditions of cooperation, the order of relationships, which is fundamentally unwavering for us. The main thesis of the organization engaged in helping residents of Europe and other parts of the world to find guaranteed reliable educational documents that pass any checks, allowing them to be employed in the USA, Canada, countries of Europe, Asia and Australia, while receiving a residence permit and a package of social guarantees of a citizen of the selected country are transparent partnerships. This is our first statutory rule.

    It is easy to collect information about us from independent sources, articles which can be dated 1998 and later years. Various resources and social networks discussing emigration and employment are a clear confirmation of this. In their comments, we regularly appear as reliable performers; you can also take advantage of domain name verification and use the services of word of mouth, which is well developed in Turkey. An information field where it is impossible to appear out of nowhere, an area in which we have been providing our services to Turkish speaking citizens since 2009. However, we’re ready to give guarantees for our services.

    Here I want to talk about scammers, with whom, unfortunately, we often have to deal with and correct their sins. Today, a large number of such figures have been recorded in countries such as the USA, Israel and Poland.

    Their actions begin with the fact that people, becoming intermediaries, engage in mutually beneficial schemes with us. They promise their partners (attention!) that the documents will be legal and guarantee that there will be no troubles. Then they receive money or promises of payment in full from such people, after which they come to us.

    They pay us for their protégés for a cheap counterfeit (a high-quality copy that does not guarantee anything) for $ 250 – a beautiful piece of paper that is not included in electronic databases and does not pass through the archival records of an educational institution.

    Having done this manipulation, these people come to customers, receive their 500-600% profit and soon continue to look for people who are ready to believe them when making such transactions.

    The deception is found out quickly – by standarts of the EU and other civilized countries are prescribed (in order to avoid inconsistencies, gross violations, terrorism and even sexual deviations) to verify the authenticity of the applicant’s educational papers. Accordingly, frightened people come to us and we fix everything … Yes.

    These deceived people begin to search for those very intermediaries. To get their money back and so on… Guess who they are looking for? Here is the answer: friends, brides and grooms, siblings, and even children. This is how it is.

    Since 2017, the leadership of our organization has adopted a new statutory form: a person who wants to purchase a fake for 200-300 $, must come to us personally (via video link), demonstrate a passport on which his photograph will be visible and confirm the fact that he is the customer and wants to buy exactly a cheap fake, which can be shown exclusively to friends in the pub, or to old women on a bench in the park.

    With regard to clients interested in full-fledged, archived papers, the conditions have not changed – full control of office work by the customer, privacy, payment of parts, post-paid, in installments, under the guarantees of third parties, with the ability to continue scientific or practical activities in narrow circles. And so on… Individual conditions for unlocking the applicant’s data in the information systems of educational portals of the countries participating in the working schemes of agreements are also appropriate.

    We are at your service.